That’s probably a bad trend.

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First, a few caveats. Koryo Tours covered the travel expenses of the guys who created this video, no doubt in the hopes that it’ll help drum up business. And even though the creators claim that they had “complete editorial control” over the final product, they were accompanied at all times by government minders. Consequently, there’s absolutely nothing here that North Korean censors would have objected to. All that aside — wow, what an amazing clip.

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Former war-zone, now haven for penguins.

In case you were wondering what I was wondering:

it turns out penguins just aren’t heavy enough to trip the mines


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iPhone Oil Paintings” by JK Keller are NOT the kind of iPhone Oil Paintings you would expect. Using only his finger as a paintbrush, Keller, 36, turned the oil from his face into fun works of iPhone art - and then made a Tumblr dedicated to it! 

“I think people are drawn to it at this moment because there’s a current thread of uneasy tension that we all have with our technology,” Keller tells DailyDot. “People are very interested in these places where beauty and repulsion are at odds with each other in very relatable ways.” Intriguing… what do you think? Cool? Repulsive?

Art is everywhere. 

Genius is truly 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

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Constitution of the State of Texas, 11/10/1845.

Item From: Records of the U.S. Senate. (03/04/1789-).

The Texas Constitution was written in 1845 to establish a government of Texas as a part of the United States. This version is not the one in use in Texas today. In total Texas has had five versions of it’s constitution including the one currently used by Texas.


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I…asked what rules I had broken. ‘You are suspicious, and we are in a post-9/11 world,’ he said.
Why You Should Not Take Photos Of The 7 Ugliest Buildings In D.C. The surveillance state doesn’t like it when you look back.
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