"Sderot Home,” Israel, 2012, based on drawing “by a child who had been living in a bunker.”

Brian McCarty’s photo series, War-Toys, replicates the lives of children surrounded by conflict. See more from the series here.

© Brian McCarty

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Although there are still Chiang statues in some Taiwan universities and public spaces, those that had been removed and dismantled were collected and re-erected in a public park near Chiang’s final resting place in Daxi, Taoyuan County. These reassembled, repainted, and rearranged Chiang statues are often placed so that multiple statues are staring at each other in a humorous way. In this clever exercise of massaging history through public art, there are even a few statues of Sun Yat-sen (1866–1925), the founder of the Republic who had handpicked Chiang as his successor, looking at Chiang from behind.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Taiwan Strait, although the Chinese government is still occasionally erecting new Mao statues, many others have been quietly taken down from universities and outdoor spaces in recent years. The politics of museum-ifying the past and the big statues in China are certainly different from those of Taiwan. Nonetheless, one wonders whether China will one day donate some of its overstocked Mao statues to Taiwan, so that Mao and Chiang can quietly look at each other and create a new symbol of historical and political reconciliation.

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What’s Closer to Texas Than Texas Is to Itself?

Points in the map’s red section are closer to somewhere in Texas than the opposite sides of Texas are to each other.

That’s right: You can be in Fargo, or Atlanta, or San Diego … and be closer to Texas than Texas is to itself.

That’s what the map above says. Texas is big.


Genesis of Cookies Poster, the Documented History of Cookie

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The true powerful ones will not roar

Evoking Napoleon during his visit to France, Chinese President Xi Jinping said his country is an awakened lion that is “peaceful, pleasant and civilized”

‘Sleeping Lion’ China Awakened, Says President Xi Jinping

Napoleon also stomped all over Europe. I’m not sure that’s an image you’d want to bring up, Pres. Xi.

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The Westboro Baptist Church’s Fred Phelps was an angry, bigoted man who thrived on conflict

Louis Theroux on Fred Phelps (via guardian)

In which we learn that Phelps hated the military, was abusive to his wife and children, but had a soft spot for Robert Mugabe. One has to wonder what went on in his mind to reach such a state.

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So what exactly is the difference between the first and second editions of Amerigrove? View the latest infographic to find out!

Love the glasses, Oxford.

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