Today in the New York Times: One guy’s embarrassing Facebook ad saga hits the front page

Meet Nick Bergus. He’s a pretty cool guy who once linked to an odd product on Facebook as a bit of a joke — a 55-gallon barrel of lube from Ha ha, funny, right? But the joke was on him, as Facebook’s algorithms started featuring his smiling face in personalized ads featuring the giant barrel of lube. From there, his story spread — first to his personal blog, then to Gawker, with an amazing headline. Now, Bergus’ somewhat embarrassing (but admittedly kind of awesome) tale is on the front page of the New York Times. All because he once linked to a giant barrel of lube. (photo by Stephen Mally/NYT)

Wait. What? Facebook can profit from my image without my consent? Or is that a clause in the ToS? Did everyone just hand over their rights by using Facebook? As if there aren’t enough reasons to hate these jokers already, yeesh.

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    Skynet what have you done with my pictures form that party SKYNET NO
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    haha, really cool how algorithms are getting a little ahead of their time them peoples over there are way too ambitious
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    "THIS is how I define ‘unwarranted’.”