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Scene from a Christmas party in Munich thrown by Adolf Hitler for his generals, 1941.

Awwwww…look at all those happy faces.

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Rape is the new Hitler

Reading the Twitter reactions to Netflix’s pricing policy change makes me think that maybe there should be an equivalent to Godwin’s Law where your argument is immediately invalidated by using “rape” to describe any mildly unpleasant situation. Sheesh, calm down, people.


Hitler learns topology.

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Via Iconic Photos. Near the end of World War II,

Allied Forces carried the photos [above] to figure out how a fugitive Hitler may disguise himself.

Photoshop like it’s 1945. And,

Lack of photographic evidence surrounding Hitler’s death fuelled allegations that the Fuhrer had indeed escaped.

Just like the people denying that Osama bin Laden is dead because they haven’t seen pictures. Same as it ever was.