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Last fall, Lowe’s installed recycling centers in its 1,700+ U.S. stores, encouraging customers to deposit CFLs, rechargeable batteries, unwanted cell phones, and plastic shopping bags in them. (Related fact: “The EPA estimates that more than 500 million CFLs, approximately three of every four CFLs sold in the U.S. each year, are improperly discarded.”)

Now there’s this news, just in time for spring gardening: Green-living advocate Danny Seo reports (on his Daily Danny site) that Lowe’s now accepts plastic plant pots, trays, and tags for recycling:

Generally, curbside recycling programs are not able to accept plastic nursery plant containers such as plant pots, trays, and hanging baskets, so this program gives consumers a recycling option. No matter where consumers originally purchase the plant, they are encouraged to return the materials to Lowe’s garden center to be recycled.

When consumers return the pots and trays to the store, they are picked up by local annual vendors and sorted. The reusable material are sterilized and reintroduced to the production cycle. Material not deemed “reusable” will be crushed, banded and sent for recycling.

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