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Richard Wagner, Overture to Rienzi, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Mariss Jansons, cond.


I thought Republicans hated New York, the arts, giving, etc.
We just want to take art out of the public hands and ensure that there’s more control over whether or not the scatological and perverted arts receive funding over something with the sublime beauty of Richard Wagner.

I don’t know, I’ll take Serrano’s Piss Christ over Wagner’s antisemitic rants any day of the week.

But since you’re so into sublime German beauty I recommend Michael Lewis’s article on how shit jokes are high culture over there. Eh, don’t bother. It’ll just interfere with the confidence you have in forcing your narrow view of the arts on people you don’t seem to think are capable of judging for themselves.

Wagner also called himself a communist. Funny that the Heritage Foundation would give him such enthusiastic endorsement.

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