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Sergey Skaterschikov, who publishes an influential art-investment report, says that no painting bought for $30 million or more has ever been resold at a profit.
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Understanding the Art Market

Thomas Galbraith, director of analytics at artnet, discusses with The Street the art market, what The Scream famously achieved, whether a crash is coming, and how the new artnet Indices and artnet Analytics Reports makes sense of it all.

Speaking of art as an investment, now you can track it with an index, just like any other financial vehicle.

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West Texas Cowboy, 1974 | William Albert Allard

Untitled (Cowboy), 1989 | Richard Prince

The top photo is featured in National Geographic. The bottom photo was appropriated from a Marlboro cigarette advertisement and then sold for at least $1.25 million on the art market. What the hell.

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