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Constitution of the State of Texas, 11/10/1845.

Item From: Records of the U.S. Senate. (03/04/1789-).

The Texas Constitution was written in 1845 to establish a government of Texas as a part of the United States. This version is not the one in use in Texas today. In total Texas has had five versions of it’s constitution including the one currently used by Texas.


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Emanuel Leutze, Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851, oil on canvas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York


The story of Paul Revere from the perspective of his horse. A little humor for your fourth of July from Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. 

More hidden history in this week’s show — The Long Experiment of American Democracy.

Steve Martin (through an intermediary) posted the lyrics on Banjo Hangout.

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The Wellcome Library in London has released over 100,000 of its historical medical images for high-resolution download, and BBC News dug through the collection to unearth treasures such as the etching above. Apparently, circa 1785 medical science believed that gout was caused by the devil, too much wine, or…playing the viola da gamba?

40 years ago today, Richard Nixon: “I’m not a crook.”


Crowd at the Washington Mall from the Freedom March, August 28, 1963 | Bob Gomel

Fifty years ago today.

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