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This depressing chart shows that the rich aren’t just grabbing a bigger slice of the income pie — they’re taking all of it. All of it. As in, over 100 percent. Since the Great Recession, the bottom 90 percent’s income continued to shrink, and the recovery benefited only the top 10 percent. We’re basically just all handing money over to the rich.


That’s probably a bad trend.

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Kurt Vonnegut on the shapes of stories.


So what exactly is the difference between the first and second editions of Amerigrove? View the latest infographic to find out!

Love the glasses, Oxford.

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America’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes, via The Economist. See the large version here.


Graphing the Popularity of Halloween Candy

I think the perennial popularity of Reese’s and Snickers goes a long way to show that the peanut allergy hysteria is pretty much BS.

(I’m not saying that the condition isn’t deadly serious for those afflicted, but the prevalence has been blown way out of proportion.)

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Plan the perfect meal with this interactive infographic that shows you which foods taste best together.

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Tired of the expected static responses, designer Lih Chen decided to turn obesity into pies.
Oh har-dee-har-har, Fast Company, very funny.


The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

Lifehacker has videos that show how to do each of these steps.

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