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The story of Paul Revere from the perspective of his horse. A little humor for your fourth of July from Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. 

More hidden history in this week’s show — The Long Experiment of American Democracy.

Steve Martin (through an intermediary) posted the lyrics on Banjo Hangout.

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The United States Army Field Band performs an ass-kicking rendition of John Philip Sousa’s The Stars and Stripes Forever. Happy Flag Day (and happy US Army birthday, too).


So what exactly is the difference between the first and second editions of Amerigrove? View the latest infographic to find out!

Love the glasses, Oxford.

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George Gershwin, Love is Sweeping the Country, instrumental arrangement by Rayburn Wright, studio orchestra conducted by Frederick Fennell

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Ludwig van Beethoven, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D, op. 61, III: Rondo-allegro, Hilary Hahn, violin, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, David Zinman, cond.


Egon Schiele, Portrait of Arnold Schönberg, 1917

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Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Up Jumped the Devil

Seeing as how today is both Dylan Thomas’s birthday and the day of Lou Reed’s passing, this seems appropriate.

Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale puts Thomas’s Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night into song.

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Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 7 in A, op. 92, II: Allegretto, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Carlos Kleiber, cond.

In this recording, the string parts are played pizzicato all the way to the end of the movement instead of returning to arco for its last few bars as indicated by the score. Compare this to a performance that follows the score’s instructions.

um all the string parts are playing arco…. There is no pizzicato in this

Listen to the last 10 seconds or so of the track; it’s there. There is also a video of Kleiber conducting this—the camera angle is terrible, but starting at 7:48 you should notice the violins plucking instead of bowing their strings. The view is better at 7:20, but (if memory serves) pizzicato is indicated by the score here.

Kleiber isn’t the only one to conduct this way either. Of the recordings I have, Otto Klemperer does the pizzicato as well.

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