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Interesting video looking at how plastics are recycled into clothing.

It … makes you realize that if we could do the impossible and get people to pre-separate their recycleables, we could probably save a lot of trouble down the line. For example, if all drinks bottles were separated from their caps, and further separated by color. 

An Eye-Opening Look at How Plastic Bottles are Recycled Into Clothing - Core77

That’s a noble sentiment, but it’s asking too much of people. Every time I’ve visited the recycling center (less often now since our community has a curbside recycling program), I notice wrong or unrecyclable items in the bins and paper contaminated with food. Even at that, I think it’s better overall to encourage participation by making the process easier on the front end (that is, making it not much more difficult than simply throwing away trash) and then sorting out the collected items later. It should be easier to get people to remember the one message to not “recycle” contaminated paper than to teach them the complexities of sorting plastic. Plus, if each of us cleaned our plastic bottles at home, would it not waste more water and detergent than if it was done at a central facility?

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Life in Africa has many challenges: from disease to poverty and war. The continent also has a reputation for extreme difficulties that are fixable, but a lack of resources often prevents the problems from being solved.This is where resourcefulness comes into play: if you don’t have what you need make do with what you already have. A surplus of empty plastic bottles is something that not only affects Africa, but the entire planet. (Read More)

You can also use plastic bottles to light a room.

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The Liter of Light project makes “light bulbs” out of plastic bottles. Each bottle can give as much light as a 60W incandescent bulb. Not only does this provide illumination without electricity, it reuses plastic bottles that otherwise would (probably) have gone to the landfill.

(Source: BBC)