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If someone suggested the idea of public libraries now, they’d be considered insane. If you said you were going to take a little bit of money from every taxpayer, buy a whole load of books and music and games, stick them on a shelf and tell everyone, ‘These are yours to borrow and all you’ve got to do is bring them back,’ they’d be laughed out of government.

Peter Collins, The Secret Life of Libraries (via jingc)

True. Publishers used to try to sue libraries, arguing that they were violating their copyright by letting people read books they hadn’t paid for. 

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And film studios tried to stop home videotaping. And record labels still don’t like digital music formats. Same as it ever was.

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Via Iconic Photos. Near the end of World War II,

Allied Forces carried the photos [above] to figure out how a fugitive Hitler may disguise himself.

Photoshop like it’s 1945. And,

Lack of photographic evidence surrounding Hitler’s death fuelled allegations that the Fuhrer had indeed escaped.

Just like the people denying that Osama bin Laden is dead because they haven’t seen pictures. Same as it ever was.